ZIP Codes

Argali White & Yellow
It allows you to fast and easily search multiple telephone directories.
Darwin Holdings, Inc.
Zip Express
ZIP Express allows easy look up of U.S. ZIP Codes and their associated cities.
Insight Software Solutions
It does a ZIP code look-up and calculates the distance between two ZIP codes.

ZIP Codes

Unlocking The Bible Codes
It's a program that allows you to search the Hebrew Scriptures for hidden codes.
DOKO Media
IATA Airport and Country Codes
It includes two dictionaries, for country and airport codes.
It enables users to search secret codes in the text of the Hebrew Bible.
ABD Pro, Inc.
Bar Codes Plus
Print your own bar codes on your product packaging.
Elfring Consulting Inc
12Ghosts Lookup
zip and area codes, acronyms, unit converter.
12Ghosts Inc.
It provides straightforward basic options for easy diagnostics.
Excel Zip Codes Convert, Lookup & Format Software
Convert zip codes in Excel.
ZIP Master
With ZIP Master you can find ZIP codes within a radius.
Zipwise Software
Find Distance Between Multiple Zip Code Locations Software
Find miles between US zip codes.

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ZIP Codes

CrossCoder 2005
CrossCoder helps you to find "crosswalks" between CPT® Codes and ICD Codes.
Wasserman Medical Publishers, Ltd.
Free QR Creator
It allows you to easily generate QR and microQR Codes.
SMP-Soft, inc
QR Customizer Pro
You create complex and professionally designed QR Codes for all purposes.
Hot-World GmbH & Co. KG
Convert Multiple Area Codes To States or States To Area Codes Software
Convert area codes to states or states to area codes.
Convert Multiple Zip Codes To City, State or City, State To Zip Codes Software
Search city, state and zip code information for multiple locations.
Find City and Town Demographics By Zip Code Software
Retrieve information about multiple US cities and towns by entering zip codes.
List Of All US Cities, States and Zip Codes Database Software
Search and save a list of all cities, states and zip codes in the United States.
Zip Codes Database
Nucor Building Systems